Geometric Representation Theory

University of Toronto

Winter 2012


Organizers: Sergey Arkhipov, Joel Kamnitzer, Oded Yacobi

Time and place: Fridays, 3:00-4:00 in Bahen 4010

Subject matter:Current research and expository talks in representation theory, geometry, combinatorics and their interactions.†† If interested in giving a talk, please email one of the organizers.

For more information see also the previous semestersí seminars:

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         Winter 2010†††



Speaker (Institution)


Jan 13

Allen Knutson (Cornell)

Bruhat cells and atlases thereof

Jan 20

Florian Herzig (Toronto)

The classification of irreducible

mod p representations of a p-adic GL_n

Jan 27

Zsuzsanna Dancso (Fields)

Categorifications of the characteristic polynomial of hyperplane arrangements

Mar 2

Avner Segal (Ben-Gurion University)

L-functions and their generating functions

†††††††† Mar 12†††††††

Ian Le (Northwestern)

Laminations, affine buildings, and invariants of tensor products of representations

Mar 23

Steven Rayan (Toronto)

Combinatorics of twisted Higgs bundles: g=0 and beyond

Mar 26*

Roman Bezrukavnikov (MIT)

Real variations of stability conditions and representation theory


* Romanís talk will be held in BA 024, at 1pm.