Whom to Contact

  • For any math-related questions ask any instructor, ask on the Piazza forum, or ask your TA in tutorials, or ask in the MathAid Centre. Check the Math Aid Center regularly at the beginning of each week to see when a TA from MAT223 will be on duty that week. The MathAid Centre is located in the Physical Geography building 45 St. George Street on the first floor.
  • For tutorial enrolment you can ``self-enroll" (i.e. without our help) in the Blackboard Group associated with the tutorial section you've registered in on ACORN.
  • If you have a regularly scheduled University of Toronto course which conflicts with a test date, you'll be asked to contact the coordinator via email once the exam is nearing.
  • For questions about which math course is right for you, contact the Undergraduate Administrator Donna Birch at dbirch@math.utoronto.ca, or in BA6291 or via 416-978- 5082.
  • If you require accommodations for a disability, or have any accessibility concerns about the course, the classroom, or course materials, please contact Accessibility Services at this link.
  • If you have a personal situation and are concerned about how it may affect your academic performance, please contact your college registrar.

Instructor Details

Your Instructors this term are listed below. If asked which Instructor you are taking 223 with, please be prepared to give an actual name in response. You might be surprised how many students are unable to actually name the Professor of the course they are in. You may attend office hours for any prof, you need not only attend the ones for the lecture section you are enrolled in.

  • LEC0101: Professor Ketterer - Office Hours M 2-4 in PG205B
  • LEC0201 & LEC0601: Professor Hoell-- Office Hours T 3-5 in PG107
  • LEC0301 Professor Siefken - Office Hours W 3-5 in PG101C
  • LEC0401: Professor Uppal - Office Hours TWR 11-12 in PG112
  • LEC0501: Professor Dauvergne- Office Hours W 2-3 and F 1-2 in BA 6283
  • LEC5201: Professor Kim - Office Hours T 2-3 and W 11-12 in BA6250

The email contact information for the above instructors is given in the course syllabus which you should consult for any further questions. Chances are the answer you are looking for lies answered there already.