Sample Matlab programs for numerical analysis

These are programs that you may wish to look at to see how to write programs to run on matlab. Some of the links also include diaries of the matlab sessions in which the programs were used. Please feel to take them and do whatever you want with them.

Matlab Primer View the matlab primer using ghostview
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WARNING: Don't try to print the primer from acrobat, you'll get gibberish!

On cancellation errors and ill-conditioned problems: Trying to compute cos(x).
On finding roots using the bisection method
On finding roots using the Newton-Raphson method
On finding roots using the Secant method
On interpolation
On finite-difference approximations of the first derivative.
On numerical integration.
On Gaussian elimination
On LU decompositions
On using iterative methods to solve A x = b
On linear transformations and norms in R^n
On ordinary differential equations.
On systems of ordinary differential equations.
On solving the heat equation using finite-difference methods and spectral methods.
How matlab does its fast Fourier transform.
On solving Burgers equation using spectral methods.
On solving the advection equation.