Information About Math 240

Our textbook is ``Advanced Engineering Mathematics'' by Dennis Zill and Michael Cullen. It should be on reserve in the math/physics library and on sale in the campus bookstore.

There is a web-page for the course, which will include the homework assignments at
Add it to your bookmarks. Homework and various tips will be posted here.

Following Professor DeTurck's lead, each week there will be Designated Front Row Seat-Warmers. That is, I will choose three or four of you to sit in the front row. I will announce these people through the web-page ahead of time. This intended to encourage class participation, rather than judgment of those in the front row. Nevertheless, if it is your week to sit in the front row, you should read the material ahead of time, rather than simply intend to do so.

There will be two midterm exams and one final exam. All three sections of Math 240 will have the same exams and they will be held in the evening. The dates of the exams have yet to be chosen.

Homework will be assigned daily and due weekly. Math 240 and 241 are notorious for going at high speed. For this reason, I will not accept late homework under any circumstances. You are better off handing in incomplete homework than trying to hand in complete homework late. Late homeworks tend to pile up and drag the student down, especially in a course like this one.

Each midterm is worth 22%. The homework is worth 22%. The final exam is worth 34%.

I will have office hours on Monday afternoons (1-2), Thursday mornings (10:30 - 11:30), or by appointment. My office is David Rittenhouse Lab 4C5. My email is

Please come to me if you have any problems with the homework, the amount of homework, the course, or anything else. The sooner we deal with any problems you might be having, the better.