Written Exam Workshop

Spring 2014


Written Exam Wiki - This is super awesome, and will probably end up being your main source for problems and solutions.
Other Written Exam Workshops - Links to the website of the written exam workshop for other years. Lots of great notes and problem reccomendations to be had here.
Fall 2012 Workshop - Workshop from Fall 2012

Reference Books:

If you can find a book you really like to help you study great! You should try looking at as many as you can get your hands on; some authors just click with certain people. These days, you can get lots of information online too, so such a reference is not mandatory. For my written exams, I used Friedburg, Insel, and Spence for Linear Algebra and Newman and Bak for Complex. I didn't really have a book for real variables. Other popular choices: Lax for Linear Algebra, Ahlfors for Complex (I think its a bit advanced!) and Stewart for Calculus. These books can be exspensive! Ask other students if you can borrow their copy and check out the library to save yourself some money! I also have some "book style" typed notes that I can send to people if there is interest. Please email if you are interested!


Advanced Calculus

Week 1 (Feb 11): Sequences and series. Links: Notes Problems
Week 2 (Feb 18): Taylor Series and Integrals. Links: Notes Problems
Week 3 (Feb 25): Multivariable Calc - Integrals, Grad, Div, Curl. Links: Notes Problems
Week 4 (Mar 4): Multivariable Calc - Inverse/Implicit Function Theorem and Lagrange Multipliers. Links: Notes Problems

Linear Algebra

Week 5 (Mar 11): Subspaces, Rank-Nullity and Jordan Form. Links: Notes Problems
Week 6 (Mar 17): Spring break - No class
Week 7 (Mar 25): Trace, Det, Inner Products, Gram-Schmidt, Normal Matrices. Links: Notes Problems
Week 8 (Apr 1): Lots o' problems!
Week 9 (Apr 8): Positive definite matrices, Rayleigh Quotient, SVD. Links: Notes Problems


Week 10 (Apr 15): Basic Properties, Logs and Contour Integrals Note Problems
Week 11 (Apr 22): Argument Principle, Rouches Theorem, and Conformal Maps Note Problems
Week 12 (Apr 29): Properties of Holomorphic Functions (and Conformal Maps from last time) Note Problems
Week 13 (May 6): Weirestrass Formula and Problem Discussion Note