Generalized complex geometry

Course information

Code: MAT1312F
Instructor: Marco Gualtieri
Class schedule: W3-6 BA6180
Evaluation: Class participation and reading project

This is an introductory course in Generalized geometry. We will study the origins of the subject in the study of geometric structures defined by differential forms, and in the study of Dirac structures. We will cover generalized complex, generalized Kahler and Calabi-Yau structures, Poisson and twisted Poisson structures and their relatives, Courant algebroids and their relation to gerbes, the 2-dimensional sigma model in physics, and D-branes, among other topics. The goal of the course is to bring people close to the research level in the subject.

The course will also be a good opportunity to learn the basics of complex and symplectic geometry. The evaluation of the course will be by class participation and by a written research report on one of the main papers in the field.




Research project

The research project will consist of a written exposition/resume of a research paper in the field, whether in the physics or mathematics literature.