18.904 Written report component

The written report is an introduction to writing and research in mathematics. It should be a pedagogical introduction to a topic which interests you in algebraic topology and which is accessible from the topics covered in the seminar. The document must be approximately 10 pages long and it must be produced with the standard mathematics typsetting software, LaTeX. Here is a template (PDF) I prepared for the report, which you may or may not want to use.

Deadline for choosing topic (email or tell me in person): March 8.

Deadline for first draft (submit by email, including .tex and .PDF file): April 13.

I will make corrections/comments. Deadline for final draft, incorporating corrections/comments (submit by email, include .tex and .PDF file): Monday, April 30.

Suggestions for topics:

Feel free to discuss with me any ideas or interests you may have. You might also take a look at the following lists of ideas: from Mark Behrens and Olga Plamenevskaya (Warning: These are pages from previous years, dates and deadlines do not apply) I'll also update this page to add some more ideas: