2015-2016 Schedule

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Date Title Speaker
March 10
@ 6:10PM
Evolution of Cryptography: from Skytale to RSA (abstract) Asif Zaman
University of Toronto
February 4
@ 6:10PM
The Jones Polynomial: An Elementary Introduction to Knot Theory (abstract) Huan Vo
University of Toronto
January 14
@ 6:10PM
Pigeonhole, Tic-Tac-Toe and More (abstract) Yuan Yuan Zheng
University of Toronto
December 11
@ 5:10PM
An Introduction to Symplectic Capacities (abstract) Jeremy Lane
University of Toronto
November 5
@ 5:45PM
Platonic solids and the McKay correspondence (abstract) Louis-Philippe Thibault
University of Toronto
October 8
@ 5:30PM
Plane curves: around the Tait-Kneser Theorem and the 4-vertex Theorem (abstract) Leonid Monin
University of Toronto

Giving a Talk

The graduate seminar is held approximately once a month, typically on the first Thursday. Pizza is served for ten minutes before the talk, and the seminar attendees will go to the bar afterwards.

If you'd like to give a talk, please email Jerrod Smith (jerrod.smith [at] with your talk title and what day(s) you would prefer. We will then ask you for a short (1-2 paragraph) abstract the week before the talk so that it can go in the official seminar announcements and posters.


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