2013-2014 Schedule

Date Title Speaker
April 3 @ 6PM Ode to a Martingale (abstract)
Matt Sourisseau
University of Toronto
March 27 @ 6PM A Foray into Knot Theory: The Alexander Polynomial (abstract) Iva Halacheva
University of Toronto
March 13 @ 6PM A Hitchhiker's Guide to Cluster Algebras (abstract) Alex Weekes
University of Toronto
March 6 @ 6PM An Exploration of Ricci Flow (abstract) Tracey Balehowsky
University of Toronto
January 30 @ 6PM Here Be Dragons: An Introduction to the Independence Phenomenon (abstract) Christopher Eagle
University of Toronto
November 21 @ 5PM A Tour of Recent Work in Geometric Geometry (abstract) Parker Glynn-Adey
University of Toronto
November 7 @ 5PM The Mellin Transform in Analytic Number Theory (abstract) Alexander Dahl
University of Toronto
October 10 @ 5PM Everything you wanted to know about Snakes & Ladders but were too young to ask (abstract) David Muraki
Simon Fraser University

Giving a Talk

The graduate seminar is held once a month, typically on the first Thursday of every month. The general format is as follows: pizza at 4:30, the talk at 5:00, and we go to the bar afterwards.

Please email Nikita Nikolaev <nikolaev at math dot toronto dot edu> or Matt Sourisseau <matt.sourisseau at mail dot utoronto dot ca> telling them your talk title and what day(s) you would prefer. We will then ask you for a short (1-2 paragraph) abstract the week before the talk so that it can go in the official seminar announcements.


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