PMU 199H1F - LEC 0291 Aha! Mathematical Discovery and Creative Problem Solving

Professor Robert McCann (Mathematics)

14h10-16h00 Thursday RW 141

Professor McCann Tuesday 14h00-14h50 in BA 6124
(except Jan 10 and 31; office hours to be held 14h00-14h50 Friday Jan 6 and 27 instead)
TA: yuanyuan.zheng -at- mail -dot- utoronto -dot- ca
Office hours: Wednesday 17h15-18h00 in BA 6191

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Further reading on mathematics and mathematicians:

Please be sure to justify your answers as completely as possible with logical reasoning, and write up your solutions as cleanly and neatly as you can. Late assignments will be graded only at the pleasure of instructor; if graded they will be penalized 5% per day late, except in case of written medical justification. Late assignments must be turned into the Professor personally, or to the Mathematics office (BA 6290, open 9-5 pm) where they will be stamped with the date.

Assignment 1 (due Jan. 12)
Assignment 2 (due Jan. 19)
Assignment 3 (due Jan. 26)
Assignment 4 (due Feb. 2)
Assignment 5 (due Feb. 9)
Assignment 6 (due Feb. 16)
W.P. Thurston `On proof and progress in mathematics'
Assignment 7 (due Mar. 2)
Assignment 8 (due Mar. 9)
Assignment 9 (due Mar. 16)
Assignment 10 (due Mar. 23)
Assignment 11 (due Mar. 30)

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ASSIGNMENTS: Should be turned in during class, and failing that to the Math Department Receptionist open business hours (9 am - 5 pm) in room BA 6290, who will date stamp them and pass them on to me. In special circumstances such as illness, assignments may also be scanned and submitted by email to mccann-AT-math-DOT-toronto-DOT-edu or failing that, by FAX to Professor McCann's attention at (416) 978-4107. If late, they will be subject to the usual 5% penalty per business day late, except in case of medical excuse documented to the Faculty of Arts and Science approval.