MAT 1855HS Homepage: Mathematical Problems in Economics

Professor Robert McCann

14h10 - 15h40 Tuesdays and Thursdays FI 210
16h45 - 17h30 Thursdays BA 6124

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Jan 8 Gale & Shapley (1962) The College Admissions Problem (NTU Matching by Deferred Acceptance); see also books by Knuth '81 and Roth and Sotomayor '90
Jan 10 McCann & Guillen `Five Lectures' (2013)
Jan 17 Shapley & Shubik (1972) The Assignment Game I (TU Matching is a linear program)
Jan 21 Rigorous approaches to duality
Brezis (2018) Afriat (1963) | Gangbo & McCann (1995) | Gangbo & McCann (1996) | Kuhn (1955) | Santambrogio's Book 1.6.3

Feb 28 Principal Agent Problems with Multidimensional Heterogeneity
Rochet & Chone (1998) Ironing, Screening and Multidimensional Sweeping
Figalli, Kim & McCann (2011) When is multidimensional screening a convex program?
McCann & Zhang (2019) On concavity of the monopolist's problem facing consumers with nonlinear price preferences
Noldeke & Samuelson (2018) The Implementation Duality

Mar 12 Hedonic equilibrium and two-sided matching with imperfectly transferable utility
Gale (1984) Equilibrium in a Direct Exchange Economy with Money
Demange & Gale (1985) The Strategy Structure of Two-Sided Matching Markets
Galichon, Kominers & Weber (to appear in JPE) Costly Concessions: An Empirical Framework for Matching with Imperfectly Transferable Utility

Mar. 21
Myerson (1981) Optimal Auction Design
Daskalakis, Deckelbaum & Tzamos (2017) Strong Duality For a Multiple Good Monopolist


Akerlof (2001) Behavioral Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Behavior
Choo & Siow (2006) Who marries whom and why
Hotelling (1929) Stability in competition (why duopoly may fail to produce variety)
Kuhn (1955) Hungarian Algorithm (also integrality and alternate approach to duality) and Historical Restrospective (2012)
Mirrlees (1996) Information and Incentives: The Economics of Carrots and Sticks
Shimer and Smith (2000) Matching with Search Costs
Sonnenschein (1982) Myopic price dynamics (the first example of a Wasserstein gradient flow)
Stiglitz (2001) Information and the Change in Paradigm in Economics
Laffont (1996) William Vickrey: A Pioneer in the Economics of Incentives
Wong (2016) Geometry and Optimization of Relative Arbitrage

RANDOM LINKS (to be edited)

Kantorovich (1942) and Koopmans (1949)
Rockafellar (1966)
Brenier (1987)
Caffarelli (1996)
Aleksandrov (1942a)
McCann (1995)
Lorentz (1953) | McCann (1999, Appendix A)

Evans Survey (1999)
Santambrogio "Optimal Transport for Applied Mathematicians" Birkhauser (2015)
Villani "Topics in Optimal Transportation" AMS (2003)
Villani "Optimal transport: old and new"

McCann (2014)