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NEW! Mathematical Mayhem has merged with another mathematical journal, Crux Mathematicorum, to produce a bold new journal with a clean, crisp taste. Most of the format of Mayhem has been preserved, but with a very new look, which we hope all readers, old and new, will enjoy. Mayhem is still run by U of T students, and now appears 8 times a year, with articles, olympiads, and problems & solutions. We can still be reached at

No more updates on problems will appear, but we will post pictures of cows periodically. You can find Crux with Mayhem On-line on the web. The text which appears below is out-of-date information on the old Mayhem, which we kept because we were too lazy to take it out.

For subscriptions, correspondence should be sent to:
Canadian Mathematical Society
577 King Edward, Suite 109
P.O. Box 450, Station A
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 6N5

Mathematical Mayhem is a non-profit mathematical journal written by and for high school and undergraduate university students.

Included in each issue are math-related articles on a variety of topics, and problems sections of various difficulties (High School, Advanced, and Challenge Board), to which readers may send in solutions and proposals for problems.

Mayhem was founded in 1988 by Ravi Vakil and Patrick Surry, and is now run by J.P. Grossman and Naoki Sato, both currently attending an undergraduate program at the University of Toronto, Canada. Mayhem is funded in part by the Samuel Beatty Foundation at U of T, and is printed by the University of Toronto Press.

Mayhem is published five times a year, and the subscription rates are $15/year for individuals, and $25/year for institutions. Non-Canadian subscribers are requested to pay the same dollar value in US$, or equivalent, to cover higher mailing costs. We would be happy to negotiate the barter of foreign contest problems or articles for Mayhem subscriptions in locations where US currency is unavailable. Back issues are available upon request.

Mayhem is among many mathematical journals that are featured at the MathPro Problem Centre. Any math problem solver should definitely check out the links.

We welcome ideas for problems, articles, questions, comments, suggestions, and any feedback. For this or subscription/back issue requests, or further information, contact the editors by e-mail to .


Solutions to problems should be sent to the appropriate editor postmarked no later than the dates indicated in order to ensure publication in a future issue.

Problem Editors:
High School: Cyrus Hsia
Advanced: Naoki Sato
Challenge Board: Ravi Vakil

Naoki Sato
Last updated: March 25, 1997

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