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"Gambling Games and Random Walks"

presented by

Prof. Jeffrey Rosenthal (Mathematics/Statistics, University of Toronto)

Tuesday, April 10, 2001
6:00 - 9:00 p. m.
The Fields Institute

Imagine repeatedly making $1 bets, until you either lose all your money or get sufficiently rich. Or, imagine a frog randomly jumping from lily pad to lily pad according to certain rules. Such processes correspond to "random walks". We will discuss how to identify such processes, and how to calculate various probabilities associated with them.

Here is a the worksheet we worked from (in pdf format)

The door prizes were: "The Mathematical Tourist" by Ivars Peterson, won by Magda Sabovich and "Problem Solving Through Recreational Mathematics" by Bonnie Averbach and Orin Chein, won by Cameron Franc. Congratulations to both!

Printable flyer (in pdf format)
Printable worksheet (in pdf format)

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