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Society Investigating Mathematical Mind-Expanding Recreations

SIMMER at a glance
(for the 2000-2001 school year, with the most recent at the top)
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May 2, 2001: “What Does Empty space look like?

presented by Kiumars Kaveh, Eugenia Soprounova and Ivan Soprounov (Mathematics, University of Toronto)

April 10, 2001: “Gambling Games and Random Walks”

presented by Prof. Jeffrey Rosenthal (Mathematics/Statistics, University of Toronto)

March 1, 2001: “Mathematics and Music”

presented by Prof. James Stewart* (Mathematics, University of Toronto)
*Dr. Stewart is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at McMaster University, but is now teaching at the University of Toronto. His books include a series of high school mathematics textbooks as well as calculus texts for universities. He was concertmaster of the McMaster Symphony Orchestra for many years and also played the violin professionally in the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. His greatest musical pleasure, however, is playing string quartets.

Jan. 16, 2001:   “PROVING WITH PICTURES”

presented by Prof. James Robert Brown (Philosophy, University of Toronto)


presented by Prof. Spivakovsky (Mathematics, University of Toronto)

Oct. 14, 2000:   A TALE OF TWO SERIES

presented by Dr. Greg Martin and Emmanuel Knafo (Mathematics, University of Toronto), the leaders of the SOAR 2000 mathematical sciences cam on Number Theory. 

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