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November 1997 Presentation Topic (continued)

The Maple Program

Many of you were interested in seeing the code for the Maple program used in the demonstration. Here it is:

  animate( [x-2*0.1*t*x/sqrt(1+4*x^2), x^2 +0.1*t/sqrt(1+4*x^2),x=-1..1],
  t=0..10,frames=100, color=red);
  animate( [x-2*0.1*t*x/sqrt(1+4*x^2), x^2 +0.1*t/sqrt(1+4*x^2),x=0..1],

  plot3d( [x-2*0.5*t*x/sqrt(1+4*x^2),2*t, x^2 +0.5*t/sqrt(1+4*x^2)],
  x=-10..10, t=0..15);

  animate( [x-0.12*t*cos(x)/sqrt(1+(cos(x))^2),
            sin(x) +0.12*t/sqrt(1+(cos(x))^2), x=-10..10],
  t=0..30,frames=100, color=red);

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