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Motivating Students

From KF Lai on February 3, 1998:
I would like to seek for some creative ideas for the preparation of induction sets in the teaching of both Elementary Mathematics and Additional Mathematics of GCE O-Level.

Sometime, It is quite difficult to motivate students to study such topics as quadratic functions, functional relationship etc. I mean how to relate some of these topics with the students' real live or experiences.

As a teacher, I may say for example, the usefulness of integration technique in computing volume of an object with irregular shape, and that calculus is very important in the study of electronic engineering; but students may tell you that they are not interested to become an engineer, they would prefer to be a doctor instead!!

As a teacher, I cannot simply make such statement as "Well, boys and girls, whether you like it or not, you need to pass the exam!!"

Please kindly advise.

Sometimes, I am really exhausted of ideas on how to motivate them....

Sincerely from

Alor Setar, Kedah
West Malaysia

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