SOAR 2000
Mathematical Sciences Summer Camp
ummer Opportunity in Applied Research  

(for registered campers)

September 23, 2000:

Have a look at the SOAR 2000 Photo Gallery (Finally!)

SOAR 2000 Reunion details available now. Be there!

July 10, 2000:

Have a look at the timetable and rooms on the SOAR 2000 Curriculum page.

July 4, 2000:

We now have the notes for the first two chapters and a list of topics for the whole session available. These are available in two formats on the web (ps or pdf). If you are unable to print them out and would like to have them sent to you through the mail, please contact us.

Please note that you are NOT required to have studied these prior to July 24 (the start of the Number Theory camp). We have made these available since many of you asked to be given some of the notes in advance.

Room information was e-mailed to you already. In case you did not receive it please read the announcement below.

June 16, 2000:

Acceptance letters (e-mail) were sent out yesterday. There are a few more applications waiting to be finalized (papers/payment pending). Space is very limited however we do have a couple of spaces still available. If interested please contact us.

The rooms we will generally use during camp are Rm. 219 and Rm. 342 in the Walberg building (Map of U of T). We will also use lecture halls and computer facilities in other buildings. Later this month you will be sent the first chapter of notes that have been specially developed for this year's Number Theory 'camp'.
The camp hours are from 10am to 3pm. Each morning, we will meet in room 219 of the Walberg building. This room will be open for students from 9:30 am. We have set up a phone number (a cell phone) for your parents to contact us in case of emergencies. This number, 905-608-5532 will be active ONLY from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

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