PG Room Booking Requests

If you are a Math Instructor and would like to book rooms for instructor or TA office hours in the PG building, please follow these steps:
  1. Read the PG Room Descriptions below to figure out what you might prefer.
  2. View the PG Room Calendar for availability. The read-only calendar is hosted on TeamUp.
  3. Email Lindsey Shorser ( with your request.
    Please include:
  4. She will confirm your booking and add it to the PG Room Calendar.
If you are a Math TA and would like to book a room for office hours in the PG building, please ask your course instructor to follow the instructions on this page.

PG Room Descriptions

PG 003

This is a shared room. There are up to 6 desks which can be booked.

Each desk fits 4-5 students. A few overflow desks exist for courses which are already holding office hours there.

PG 101

This is a shared room with all MLC courses.

During most hours, MLC TAs are available to help students from MAT 133, 135, 136, 137, 186, 187, 188, and 223.
Please see the PG 101 MLC website for more details.

For non-MLC courses, TAs and instructors should generally not hold office hours during peak times (1-4 pm weekdays).
Please email Lindsey Shorser ( if you need a space.

For MLC courses, instructors can send their own course-specific TAs to support your students at any time.
Due to capacity issues, we do not recommend instructors hold weekly office hours there.

If the MLC is overly busy during your booked PG101 office hours, Lindsey will help you find a space to relocate.

PG 104

This is a private room and fits about 5-6 students comfortably.

PG 104 (TA Consultation Room) and PG 104 A Schedule