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Math links

MathSciNet, MathSciNet via UofT, UofT library search
Zentralblatt MATH or its mirror site e-Print archive and its front end

Math depts in the USA and around the world
Math Institutes and Centers
AMS Home page, MR submission, Combined Membership list

Mathematics, University of Toronto
The Fields Institute / Programs / Video Archive
NSERC On-line
Symplectic seminar, Working Group in Hamiltonian Systems, Colloquia, UofT
Seminar Postings, UofT
Arnold's Mathematical Seminars in Moscow and in Paris
Some Departments:
Moscow State Univ, St.Petersbourg Univ, Independent Univ of Moscow, Toronto Engineering, Connaught Symposia, IHES, MPI Bonn, MSRI
Electronic journal libraries: JSTOR, ScienceDirect (Elsevier), EMANI, MUSE, Cambridge Library, FreePDF, Sci-Hub
Math book libraries: SCI-LIB, MCCME, Meh-Mat, Ko/\xo3, EqWorld, Ecuador
Math Journals:
Acta Mathematica, Advances in Math., Comm. Math. Physics, Compositio Math., Duke Math. Journal, Dynamics of PDE, GAFA, Geom. and Topology, Invent. Math, J of Diff. Geometry, J of Geom. and Physics, J of Sympl. Geometry, Kvant, Moscow Math J, Springer Encycl. of Math Sciences, Physica D, Proc. of Royal Soc., Selecta Math., Topology,
Some individual web-pages: Y. Brenier, A. Belyaev, S.P.Novikov, S. Tabachnikov
Science info search
Math links of Harold Boas
Mathworld, The Mathematics Genealogy Project
Latex Special symbols, Detexify


From Canada: National Post, Globe and Mail, CBC News
From Russia:,,,
British and US: A& L Daily, BBC News, CNN, ABC News , NY Times
Jerusalem Post
NOW Magazine

Maps and Weather

Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Michelin Maps
World Map
Toronto Map
UofT Campus Map, UofT Classrooms
Weather in Toronto whatever and worldwide
Toronto Links

Travel etc.

Currency converter
Google Translate, Translators,
Mail Decoder, Web2mail
Air Canada,, germanwings
Travel for less: Priceline, JetBlue, AirTran Airways
DMV California
Accomodation and Housing in Toronto, same in Bonn
Sabbatical housing
Rathnelly republic
pri Precise time


  • Wikipedia (free encyclopedia), unknw Wiktionary, AskOxford
  • Art Archive, Pollock
  • M.Moshkov's library, Aldebaran library, FictionBook, LDN library, Ecuador library
  • The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
  • Dnevniki,,
  • Kulichki: Russian forum, Sayings
  • Buying on-line: books, Civic
  • e-bay, on--line shopping, mortgages
  • 3.14159... (after "The Raven" by Poe / Balmont / Pym / Blok )
  • Tom Lehrer, Boney-M
  • Live Journal
  • Some photos, and more.