University of Toronto Mississauga

MAT157Y5Y: Analysis 1, 2017-18

Course outline.

Postulates for the real numbers and some consequences.
Notes on inequalities.
Notes on limits.
Notes on the least upper bound property and its consequences.
Notes on differentiation and the chain rule.
Notes on applications of derivatives.
Notes on applications of derivatives, continued.
Notes on uniform continuity.
Notes on inverse functions .
Notes on the Riemann integral.
Notes on the length of a curve.
Notes on the definition of sine and cosine.
Notes on log and exp.

Test 1.
Test 2 + comments.
Test 3 + comments.

Assignment 1.
Assignment 2.
Assignment 3. Partial solutions..
In Question (4), please hand in only Parts (b),(c). In Question (3), you may assume that β is non-zero.
Assignment 4. Partial solutions.
Assignment 5. (Question (4) was deferred to next week's problem set.)
Assignment 6.
Assignment 7.
Assignment 8.
Assignment 9.
Assignment 10.
Assignment 11.
Assignment 12.
Assignment 13.
Assignment 14.

LaTeX is not required for this course, but I strongly recommend that you eventually learn it.
Here are the LaTeX sources of some assignments: assignment1.tex, assignment2.tex, assignment3.tex.
Here is a four-page sample file and the resulting pdf: LaTeX-samplefile.tex, LaTeX-samplefile.pdf.
I myself prepare my LaTeX source file on an ubuntu terminal window with the "vi" editor;
from a second terminal window I run "pdflatex" to create the pdf file and "evince" to view it.