Jack Klys

Hi, I am a postdoc at the University of Toronto. I also completed my Ph.D. here in 2017. My advisor was Jacob Tsimerman.
My research is in number theory and arithmetic geometry. I am particularly interested in arithmetic statistics and the Cohen-Lenstra heuristics.

Here is my CV.

email: jack.klys@mail.utoronto.ca
office: HU1015 (215 Huron)

Publications and Preprints

  • Moments of unramified 2-group extensions of quadratic fields. 2017. (submitted)
  • The distribution of H8-extensions of quadratic fields. (with Brandon Alberts). 2016. (submitted)
  • The distribution of p-torsion in degree p cyclic fields. 2016. (submitted)
  • Reflection principles for class groups. 2017. Journal of Number Theory. 177: 328-352.
  • Nonstandard methods for bounds in differential polynomial rings. (with Matthew Harrison-Trainor and Rahim Moosa). 2012. Journal of Algebra. 360: 71-86.
  • Other links

  • github I am also interested in machine learning. Here you can find code for various projects I have worked on.