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Here I share my takes on various dishes. I am in the process of slowly adding recipes.

At no point am I claiming that these are authoritative recipes (nor can there be such a thing). I am only offering a perspective on the dishes as I came to prefer them through experience. Below are general preferences which affect the way I choose to put the recipes together.

When cooking I aim to be simple and maximally hedonistic with little regard for health, money, or time. Being simple has a meaning for the process of cooking and also for the finished product. As for the process of cooking, the ingredients used are generally from the ground up rather than some black-box (e.g. some magic spice rub); all steps are necessary and done with minimal effort. Lastly, all parts of the dish work together to showcase an important aspect of the dish rather than have distinct components which are vastly different.

-Eggs Benedict

-Pommes de terre sautees
-Saute de poulet a l'estragon
-Steak au poivre

-Risotto alla Milanese
-Spaghetti alla Sicily