Jeffrey Im

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I am a mathematics graduate student at the University of Toronto studying under the supervision of George Elliott.

My mathematical interests lie in C*-algebras and noncommutative geometry. More specifically, I am interested in Elliott's conjecture regarding K-theoretic classification of a certain class of C*-algebras. This program has seen great progress - beginning with Elliott's classification of noncommutative zero-dimensional spaces and followed by many others. However, the discovery of several counterexamples in recent years showed that the program's original scope had to be narrowed. It is speculated that the classifiable C*-algebras must be among those which are low dimensional in a sense which has not yet been made precise. The Toms-Winter conjecture is a promising contender for such a notion and it has been a subject of intense interest - with many cases already verified. I, too, am hoping to take part in this investigation.