Iva Halacheva

By Lac Emosson in Switzerland
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Lancaster University
Fylde College
Lancaster LA1 4YF, UK
Office: B9 ENG
Email: i.halacheva@lancaster.ac.uk

I am a first-year postdoc at Lancaster University, working with Mark MacDonald.

Research interests: Quantum algebra, geometric and combinatorial representation theory, knot theory, low-dimensional topology.

I completed my PhD at the University of Toronto in 2016, my advisors were Dror Bar-Natan and Joel Kamnitzer. For some more information, you can have a look at my CV.

Some Mathematica code I have worked on is available at the Knot Atlas.

Research Papers


Some invited talks I have given:


I have co-organized the following seminars:
  1. Learning seminar on combinatorics and geometry of K-orbits on the flag manifold at Lancaster University, 2016.
  2. Learning seminar on coideal subalgebras at the University of Toronto, 2016.
  3. Learning seminar on affine structures and the affine Grassmannian at the University of Toronto, 2015.
  4. Schubert calculus learning seminar at the Fields Institute, 2013-2014.
I have also participated in:
  1. Knot at lunch at the University of Toronto.
  2. Quantum algebra at the Fields Institute, 2013-2014.
  3. Geometric representation theory at the Fields Institute.


Instructor positions:
Teaching assistant positions: