MAT334, Complex Variables

Fall 2004

Course web page:

Lectures: Tuesdays 9-11 and Thursdays 9-10 at South Building 1104.

Instructor: Ilia A Binder (, South Building 4006, Phone: (905) 828-5418.

Office Hours: Tuesdays 11-12 , Thursdays 10-11, and by appointment.

Tutor: Niloo Hodjati (

Tutoring: Monday, 15-18, South Building 1143.

Required Text: E.B. Saff and A.D. Snider, Fundamentals of Complex Analysis for Mathematics, Science and Engineering, Prentice Hall; 3rd edition (December 31, 2002).

Prerequisites. MAT102, 138/232.

Topics. This is an introductory course in the Theory of Functions of Complex Variable. We study analytic functions, Cauchy's theorem, harmonic functions, power series, complex integration and differentiation, and residue theory.
A more complete description can be found in the class calendar (

Homework. Bi-weekly homework assignments will be due on Tuesdays, starting September 21.  The assignments will be posted at

Midterm Test. There will be in-class midterm test on Tuesday, October 19. Textbooks, notes, or calculators are not allowed for this test. Practice problems.

Final. Monday, December 13, 9 - 12. You are allowed to use one one-sided letter-sized page of notes. Textbooks or calculators are not allowed for this test. Review problems.

Grading. Grades will be based on regular bi-weekly homework(30%), the test (30%) and the final (40%). The lowest homework grade will be dropped.

Late homework will not be accepted. There will be no make-up midterm test or final, an undocumented absence will result in zero credit.