MAT 133Y September 2014--April 2015

Breaking News:

The first term test is on Oct. 28. Information about the test , including where you write and what you are responsible for.

The first quiz schedule is now posted on this site. Please read carefully.

Tutorials in MAT133Y do not begin until Sept. 29. Below, under tutorials, are your tutorial room locations. Make sure to go to the room listed for your student number. The TA will have a class list. If you are not on it, contact the course co-ordinator ASAP.

Familiarize yourself with this course by reading the course information and the course outline below. You will also find old term tests and exams, as well as supplementary materials for the course if you browse around.

Welcome to MAT133Y.

For help with reviewing pre-calculus math for MAT133Y, try the tests, tutorials and sample problems in preparing for calculus Some workshops on this material will be available at these times . You can ignore the section on trig.

Tutorials and Quizzes:

Tutorials begin the week of Sept. 29. Here are the

TUTORIAL LOCATIONS and TIMES in student number order.

Quiz Schedule including what you are responsible for on each quiz, and much else

Until tutorials begin, there are MATH AID CENTRE HOURS for those who need help.


general information about the 2014-2015 course

includes location and times of lecture sections, required textbooks, generalities about tutorials, test schedule, marking scheme, and much more.


course outline

Supplementary Material - Sections 1-6

Material not in the textbook but included in the course.

Harder Questions to stretch your muscles (and solutions)

It is strongly suggested you try the questions hard without reading the solutions.

Useful Stuff

old term tests with solutions.

old exams with solutions.

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