• MAT 1210, Class Field Theory

  • Minicourse on automorphic forms (at Korea Institute for Advanced Study)

  • 2005/2006

  • MAT1200S, Algebraic Number Theory

  • MAT315S, Introduction to Number Theory

  • MAT301F, Groups and Symmetry

  • 2004/2005

  • On leave. (American Mathematical Society Centennial Fellowship)
  • Fall 2003: Math1200F Algebraic Number Theory Summer 2003: Independent study with Allan Langridge; Algebraic Number Theory Spring 2003: Math1198S (at Fields Institute) Automorphic L-functions Fall 2002: Math1110F Classification theory of semi-simple algebraic groups Spring 2002: Math 1100Y Math315S (Introduction to Number Theory), Text: Friendly Introduction to Number Theory by Joseph Silverman Fall 2001: Math 1100Y (Algebra-graduate), Text: Abstract Algebra by Dummit-Foote Spring 2001: Math 525 (Number Theory), Text: Problems in Algebraic Number Theory by J. Esmonde and R. Murty, and Lecture Notes by James Milne Fall 2000: Math 519 (Algebra I-graduate), Text: Lecture Notes by James Milne and Algebra by T.W. Hungerford Math 250 (Calculus II) Fall 1999 and Spring 2000: I took a leave of absence to the Institute for Advanced Study Spring 1999: Math 525 (Number Theory), Text: I used my own lecture notes. Lecture Notes are available upon request. Fall 1998: Math 250 (Calculus II) Math 251 (Calculus III) Spring 1998: Math 520 (Algebra II (Galois Theory)-graduate) Text: Lecture Notes by James Milne Fall 1997: Math 150 (Calculus I) Math 221 (Linear Algebra) Spring 1997: Math 109 (Trigonometry) Fall 1996: Math 250 (Calculus II) Math 221 (Linear Algebra) Spring 1996: Math 221 (Linear Algebra) Fall 1995: Math 250 (Calculus II) Math 319 (Abstract Algebra-undergraduate)

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