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<H3> Home Page of Henry H. Kim</H3>



<strong>office</strong>: BA 6250 <br>

<strong>phone</strong>: (416) 978-4443 <br>

<strong> fax</strong>: (416) 978-4107 </br>


<I>henrykim at math dot toronto dot edu</I></A><br>

<strong>department mailing address</strong>:

<A HREF="http://www.math.toronto.edu/">Department of Mathematics</A>,

<A HREF="http://www.utoronto.ca">University of Toronto</A>  <br>

40 St George Street, rm 6290, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2E4, CANADA<br>



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<a href="JM_k8.mov"> test </a>




Here is a list of <a href="http://www.math.toronto.edu/rjerrard/research/publications.html"> publications and preprints</a>, with some links.

On the same page, links to video recordings of a couple of lectures.