Multiple Hurwitz Zeta Functions.

Kaneenika Sinha

Jan 11

Introduction to Constrained Systems and Their Shannon Covers.

Akiko Manada, Queen's University

Jan 18

The Topology of Certain Conguence Subgroups of PSL(2, O_K).

Kate Petersen, Queen's University

Jan 25

On Zeroes of Certain Modular Forms.

Sanoli Gun

Feb 02

Generalized Euler Constants.

Ram Murty, Queen's University

Feb 15

Elliptic Divisibility Sequences.

Patrick Ingram

Mar 08

Implementation Issues and Security of Elliptic and Hyperelliptic Cryptosystems.

Jinhui Chao, Chuo University, Japan

Mar 15

Classifications of Weil Restrictions Obtained from (2,...,2) Coverings of P^1.

Fumiyuke Momose, Chuo University, Japan

Mar 15

On the Deformations of Group Schemes of Witt Vectors to Tori.

Tsutomu Sekiguchi, Chuo University, Japan

Mar 20

Security Analysis of Hyper/Super-Elliptic Curves Against the Weil Descent Attack.

Tsutomu Iijima, Chuo University, Japan

Mar 20

The Parity Conjecture of Elliptic Curves at Primes with Supersingular Reduction.

B.D. Kim, McMaster University

Mar 22

iTrustPage: Pretty Good Phishing Protection.

Stefan Saroiu

Apr 05

Examples of Anosov Lie algebras.

Meera Mainkar, University of Western

Apr 12

A Polynomial-based hashing algorithm.

Nikolajs Volkovs

Apr 19

Coding for Errors and Erasures in Random Network Coding.

Frank Kschischang

May 17

Low Complexity And Transcendence.

Purusottam Rath, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

Jul 19

Projective Relations and Shimura Varieties.

Kumar Murty

Jul 19

Effective Equidistribution.

Kaneenika Sinha

Aug 16

Montgomery Multiplication in GF(2^k).

Christine Warren

Aug 17

The Quadratic Sieve.

Catherine Tatone

Aug 17

On Attacks on RSA with Small CRT Exponents.

Guangwu Xu, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Sep 20

Data Integrity Algorithms.

Kumar Murty

Oct 25

Abelian Varieties and Homotheties.

Yuri Zarhin, Penn State University

Nov 01

AKS Algorithm for Primality Testing.

Nataliya Laptyeva

Nov 08

Diophantine Approximation in Arithmetic Dynamics.

Patrick Ingram

Nov 15

Squares in Arithmetic Progression.

Shanta Laishram, University of Waterloo

Nov 20

Security argument for the UM key agreement protocol in the NIST SP800-56A standard.

Berkant Ustaoglu, University of Waterloo

Dec 06

foto by:Jane M Sawyer