MAT335H1: Fractal, Chaos and Dynamical Systems

FIRST REVIEW SESSION! Monday 14 at 2pm. ROOM: BA 6183.

SECOND!!! REVIEW SESSION! Thursday 16 13:30 t0 15:00. ROOM: BA 6183.

Reference book: A first course in chaotic dynamical systems. R. Devaney

Description of the course

Marking scheme:

MIDTERM. March 20. At class time

  • NOTE ABOUT MARKING SCHEME: FINAL NOTE= MAXIMUM { [0.1*H+0.4*M+ 0.5*F], [0.4*M+ 0.6*F]}

    About the projects

    Homework 1. For January 31.

    Homework 2. For February 28.

    LAST YEAR MIDTERM. For February 28.

    Homework 3.

    Last year final.

    Tuffy machine's movie

    More about Tuffy machine.

    Examples of mechanical systems

    A Billiard simulation

    If you run basic, good programs to check out

    Gallery of fractals

    Celestial mechanics

    Celestial mechanics. 3 bodies

    Celestial mechanics-Choregraphies: here or here


    Chaotic maps

    Mandelbrot set

    Some others: orbit diagram, iteration of nonlinear functions, fractals, Mandelbrot set:

    Literature and chaos

    The Lottery of Babylon. Jorge Luis Borges

    The Garden of Forking Paths. Jorge Luis Borges

    Dynamical systems at UofT

    What people do in dynamical systems

    A nice place for research