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Homework Assignment 12

Assigned Thursday April 7; due Thursday April 28, 5PM, in my hand or mailbox

this document in PDF: HW.pdf

Required reading. Read, reread and rereread your notes to this point, and make sure that you really, really really, really really really understand everything in them. Do the same every week! Also, reread Hatcher's pages 185-217.

Solve the following problems. (But submit only the underlined ones). In Hatcher's book, problems 5, 6, 8, 9 on page 205 and problems 1, 3, 11 on pages 228-229. defined on pages 6-7).

The Final Exam will take place on Friday April 29, 2-5PM, at SS 1085. On Thursday April 28 between 9-5 and on Friday April 29 between 9-12 I will be in the math lounge, or in my office with my door open, available to answer questions. If a significant group of students will hang out at the math lounge, so will I. (Though allow me a lunch break on Thursday).

Most likely, the exam will have two parts; Part I will consist of 3 questions on first semester material (all included) and Part II will have 6 questions on second semester material (all but the class on Khovanov homology). Math 427S students will be required to solve 5 questions in part II and nothing from part I. Math 1300Y students will be required to solve 4 questions in part II and 2 questions in Part I. (So Math 1300Y will have to work harder; it is unfair but yet, they get a full year credit for the course rather than just half-year).

A sample exam will be available on the class' web site by April 13. (A small group of students will be taking the sample exam on April 12 between 9-12 and they will not enjoy the benefit of having a sample sample exam. Sorry.)

The material is hard but beautiful; start early so you can study with love rather than pressure.

Good Luck!!

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Dror Bar-Natan 2005-04-06