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Homework Assignment 8

Assigned Tuesday November 2; due Friday November 12, 2PM, at SS 1071

this document in PDF: HW.pdf

Required reading. All of Spivak's Chapter 8.

Recommended reading. All of Spivak's Chapter 9.

To be handed in. From Spivak Chapter 8: 1 (odd parts), 6, 8, 13.

Recommended for extra practice. From Spivak Chapter 8: 1 (even parts), 2, 5, 14, 15.

Just for fun. There is quite a substantial gap between ``continuous'' and ``differentiable''. In fact there are functions that are continuous at every point, but differentiable in none! In fact, in some sense, the majority of continuous functions are nowhere differentiable! Do a web search for ``nowhere differentiable'' and see if the world wide web agrees with my assertions, and if it can provide some further explanations.

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