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Homework Assignment 4

Assigned Tuesday October 5; due Friday October 15, 2PM, at SS 1071

this document in PDF: HW.pdf

Required reading. All of Spivak's Chapter 4.

To be handed in. From Spivak Chapter 4: 3 (odd parts), 7, 9a, 14 (odd parts).

Recommended for extra practice. From Spivak Chapter 4: 3 (even parts), 6, 9b 14 (even parts), 19, 20.

Required email. If you haven't done that already, by Friday October 8 you must do the following:

If you aren't in the picture at all, let me know and I'll take a (small) picture of you on the spot and edit it into the main picture.

Just for fun. Player $ A$ and player $ B$ play a game:

And now my questions --

  1. Whom would you rather be -- player $ A$, who marks the dice, or player $ B$, who gets to choose first? (Both players play strictly by the rules and there's no cheating anywhere).
  2. How much would you be ready to pay to get to choose which player you are?

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