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Class Photo

Class Photo
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Our class as of September 25, 2003. If you haven't yet, you have to send me an email message as in Homework Assignment 3! (Sorry, no grid. Just tell me your place counting from the left, 1 through 12).

Contact Information

Place in photo
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Name (last, first) email
2 Tianning, Shi tianning_shi@hotmail.com
3 Naot, Gad gnaot@math.toronto.edu
4 Adams, James Talmage holomorph@37.com
7 Sone, Jacob jacob(dot)sone(at)utoronto(dot)ca
8 Kissounko, Veniamin vkisunko@math.toronto.edu
9 Sloot, Steven ssloot@math.toronto.edu
11 Leung, Louis leung@math.toronto.edu