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Homework Assignment 6

Assigned Tuesday October 14; not to be submitted

This document in PDF: HW.pdf

Required reading. All of Spivak Chapter 6.

Recommended for extra practice. From Spivak Chapter 6: 1, 3, 4, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16 parts (a) through (c).

Just for fun. Can you cover an $ 8\times 8$ chessboard with $ 21$ rectangles of size $ 3\times 1$ and one little square of size $ 1\times 1$? Can you stuff $ 125$ boxes of size $ 4\times
2\times 1$ inside a cube of size $ 10\times 10 \times 10$?

On Term Exam 1. It will take place, as scheduled, during the tutorials on Monday October 20th. You will have an hour and 50 minutes to solve around 5 questions, with no choice questions. The material is everything covered in class until Tuesday October 14th (though not including Thursday October 16th), including everything in the relevant chapters (1-5) of Spivak's book (though not including the appendices to these chapters). Calculators will be allowed but will not be useful beyond emotional support; no devices that can display text will be allowed. Good luck!

Preparing for Term Exam 1.

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