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Homework Assignment 11

Assigned Tuesday November 19; due Friday November 29, 2PM at SS 1071

this document in PDF: HW11.pdf

Required reading

All of Spivak Chapter 12.

To be handed in

From Spivak Chapter 12: 1 (even parts), 8, 15, 20.

Recommended for extra practice

From Spivak Chapter 12: 1 (odd parts), 5, 11, 18, 23.


You really understand a mathematical definition / theorem / claim / lemma / anything only when you have fully internalized it and made it your own. Check if you can say to yourself one of the following:

It's worthwhile! Your grades will be higher, you will have gained more from this (and other) classes, and there is a lot of satisfaction and joy when you succeed. I internalized this sometime in my second year as an undergrad and it was the most important thing I learned that year.

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