I am an INdAM-Marie Curie post-doc fellow (INdAM Fellowship in Mathematics and/or Applications cofunded by Marie Curie).

Previously I was an instructor at University of Toronto Mississauga (Fall 2014).

Previously I was a post-doc in mathematics education at University of Trento, Italy (2012-2014).

My Ph.D. thesis (discussed December 2011) was about the popularization of braid theory.


I am working in low-dimensional topology and visualization under the supervision of Dror Bar-Natan.

A table of welded knots

Here are the drafts of my movie about knotted surfaces, part of my Marie-Curie project.


No teaching in 2015-2016 thanks to an INdAM-Marie Curie fellowship.

MAT402 Classical geometries at UTM - Fall 2014

TA for MAT329 Concepts in Elementary Mathematics - 2014-15


Invited talk at Mathematics Undergraduates Seminar at University of Toronto (MUGS), 18 November 2015: Visualization of 4-dimensional knots: browser version, pdf.

Handout for a workshop for high school students on deductive systems: questions answers.

Handouts for a workshop for high school students on braids: version 1 version 2 (students work in pairs with different handouts).

A talk in UTM teachers’ workshop, August 2014. Slides in pdf. Students' workshop movie (youtube).

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