I am an INdAM-Marie Curie post-doc fellow (INdAM Fellowship in Mathematics and/or Applications cofunded by Marie Curie).

Previously I was an instructor at University of Toronto Mississauga (Fall 2014).

Previously I was a post-doc in mathematics education at University of Trento, Italy (2012-2014).

My Ph.D. thesis (discussed December 2011) was about the popularization of braid theory.


I am working in low-dimensional topology and visualization under the supervision of Dror Bar-Natan.

A table of welded knots

Here are the drafts of my movie about knotted surfaces, part of my Marie-Curie project.

Talk at the RIMS Workshop on knot theory and related topics presented by women in mathematics II: handout: pdf, html, movies: part 1: knots, part 2: knotted surfaces, part 3: welded knots and ribbon 2-knots.

Workshop at IC16 in Berlin, July 2016.

Talk at Knots in the triangle, April 2016.

Talk at Advances in Quantum and Low-Dimensional Topology, Iowa City, March 2016.


No teaching in 2015-2016 thanks to an INdAM-Marie Curie fellowship.

MAT402 Classical geometries at UTM - Fall 2014

TA for MAT329 Concepts in Elementary Mathematics - 2014-15


Workshop on braids at ICME-13, Berlin, July 2016: pdf.

Handouts for a workshop for high school students on braids: version 1 version 2 (students work in pairs with different handouts).

Math Camp instructor at University of Athens, Georgia, June 2016.

Invited talk at Mathematics Undergraduates Seminar at University of Toronto (MUGS), 18 November 2015: Visualization of 4-dimensional knots: browser version, pdf.

Handout for a workshop for high school students on deductive systems: questions answers.

A talk in UTM teachers’ workshop, August 2014. Slides in pdf. Students' workshop movie (youtube).

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