Department of Mathematics

University of Toronto

MAT244 Ordinary Differential Equations

Fall 2014

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L0101Y   Mon, Tue, Thu 10—11 SS 2102, Sidney Smith

L5101Y   W18—21 SS 2110, Sidney Smith

L5102Y   18—21 LM 161,

Note: Students can go to any instructor during his office hours, not only to instructor of their section.

Teaching Assistants

Li Chen

Andrew Colinet

Shalev Housfater Fang (Vicky)

2014-2015 Timetable Description

First order ordinary differential equations: Direction fields, integrating factors, separable equations, homogeneous equations, exact equations, autonomous equations, modeling. Existence and uniqueness theorem. Higher order equations: Constant coefficient equations, reduction of order, Wronskian, method of undetermined coefficients, variation of parameters. Solutions by series and integrals. First order linear systems, fundamental matrices. Non-linear equations, phase plane, stability. Applications in life and physical sciences and economics.

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