Department of Mathematics

University of Toronto

APM441/MAT1501 Asymptotic and Perturbation Methods

Spring of 2016



Marking scheme

Your Final Mark will be computed as follows: \begin{gather} \mathsf{FM}= \min\bigl[\mathsf{T}_1 + \mathsf{T}_2 + \mathsf{Q} + \mathsf{BM}+\mathsf{FEM},\, 100\bigr],\\[3pt] \mathsf{Q} = \mathsf{Q}_1 + \mathsf{Q}_2+\ldots + \mathsf{Q}_6 \qquad \text{with 1 worst Quiz dropped} \end{gather} where $\mathsf{FM}$ and $\mathsf{FE}$ are your Final Mark, and the Final Exams Mark respectively,

Missing work

There will be if possible a make-up for legitimately missing Tests. If impossible, then the remainder of Tests + Final Exam will be counted heavier.

Since there will be early and late sittings for Tests you need to provide a doctor's note covering the day of the missing test.

Loss of work must be reported the day of the return of the respective work.