Department of Mathematics

University of Toronto

APM346 Partial Differential Equations

Spring of 2015; Section L5102


Teaching Assistant

David Reiss

2014-2015 Timetable Description

Sturm-Liouville problems, Green's functions, special functions (Bessel, Legendre), partial differential equations of second order, separation of variables, integral equations, Fourier transform, stationary phase method.

  • Prerequisite: MAT235Y1/MAT237Y1/MAT257Y1,
  • Exclusion: APM351Y1
  • Distribution Requirement Status: This is a Science course
  • Breadth Requirement: The Physical and Mathematical Universes (5)

Learning Resources

  • This class in the previous years (as I taught)


    • Test 1 February 12, Thu, 19:10–21:00 (SS 1084)
    • Test 2 (2 hours long) March 12, Thu, 19:10–21:00 (SS 1084)
    For early sittings see on Forum.

    Marking scheme

    Your Final Mark will be computed as follows: \begin{gather} FM= \min (T_1 + T_2 + FE + HA + BM,100)\\[3pt] HA= HA_1+ HA_2 + \ldots + HA_9-\operatorname{small} (HA_1:HA_9; 1)-\operatorname{small} (HA_1:HA_9; 2) \end{gather} where $FM$ and $FE$ are your Final Mark and the Final Exams Mark respectively,

    • $FE$ is 40 points worth,
    • $T_1$ and $T_2$ are your Test 1 and Test 2 marks (each of these tests is worth 20 points),
    • $BM$ is the bonus mark calculated as $BM=\min (B_{\text{class}}+B_{\text{web}},10)$, where
    • $B_{\text{class}}$ and $B_{\text{web}}$ are the bonus points for the activity in the class and, respectively, contributions to the forum,
    • $HA_1,\ldots HA_9$ are Home Assignment Marks (there will be 9 of them, each 20/7 points worth (after rescaling) but two worst of them will be dropped (which is exactly the meaning of the formula above). Home assignments which were have not submitted before deadline count as 0).

      Missing work

      There will be no make up (even) for a legitimately missing work, but the remainder will count heavier. Namely: if you legitimately miss one of Tests the remaining Test and the Final Exam will get a factor $4/3$; if you legitimately miss both of Tests, the Final Exam will get a factor $2$.

      Since there will be early and late sittings for Tests you need to provide a doctor's note covering the day of the missing test.

      Loss of work must be reported the day of the return of the respective work.