Final Assessment Reread Request

For Online Final Assessments written with the Department of Mathematics may request a re-read of your final assessment or a re-check of your final course mark.

For courses with an in-person Final Exam, the re-read/re-check process is handled by the Office of the Faculty Registrar. You may find more information on their website, under Current Students/Faculty Registrar Services and Support/ Exams & Assessments/ Exam Viewing.  

While some instructors send out the marked final assessments after grades are posted, if your instructor has not done this and you would like to see your marked final assessment, please submit a Final Assessment Viewing Request. The deadline to submit a Final Assessment Viewing Request is Friday January 28, 2022. 

Re-read Policy

If you think that the content of your final assessment was graded incorrectly, or that a portion of your final assessment was not graded, you can request a re-read of your final assessment. In this case, you must first see your marked final assessment, either through an electronic source or crowdmark URL from your instructor. This is so that you can determine the specific question(s) or portion(s) of the final assessment that you think was marked incorrectly.

On the request form, think of it as a chance to speak directly with the faculty member who will be looking at your final assessment again. To help them understand why a reread may be necessary, be as precise as you can about where you think an error has occurred. Instead of saying “I think my assessment was marked too harshly,” or “I deserve more marks to get into another program,” note specific instances of disagreement and cite evidence from the course to back up your assertions. Even though you may not have access to your course materials while seeing your assessment, do your best to show that your answers are substantially correct. Please note that this may result in a raised mark, a lowered mark, or no change.

Re-check Policy

If you think there has been a simple adding error on your exam or in the calculation of your entire body of term work for a course, you can request a recheck of your course mark. A re-check may be requested with or without first requesting an electronic copy of your final assessment, but we strongly recommend that you view your marked final assessment before requesting a recheck. Students will be asked to provide a detailed description of the grading error for your course mark on the request form. Any requests for a grading change without proper evidence from the course material will NOT be considered by the Department or the instructor.

Once you have read the above information and you may fill out this form to make your Re-read or Re-Check Request: Fall 2021 Final Assessment Re-Read/ Re-Grade Request Form

Note that any re-read or re-check request sent directly to the instructor and outside of the process outlined below will be ignored.

The deadline to submit a re-read or re-check request for a Fall 2021 course is:  Friday February 11, 2022.

If you have questions about the Departmentally handled process outlined above, please email