There are several requests that can be processed by the Undergraduate Office in the Department of Mathematics. Requests must be made as far in advance as possible and preferable before the start date of the courses.  Forms submitted after the course start may not receive full consideration.  Under normal circumstances, the department cannot process any requests made after the last date of registration for any given semester.  Please check the sessional dates as indicated by the Arts and Science Calendar.  Information is provided below on four of our more common requests that our undergraduate students have:

  1. Prerequisite waiver form:  If you do not have a prerequisite to take a particular APM or MAT course in the Department of Mathematics, you can request for the prerequisites to be waived.  All requests must be reasonable and there are no guarantees that your request will be approved.  You will be removed from courses if you do not have the appropriate prerequistes or approval to waive courses.  The Department of Mathematics cannot approve waivers if a course is required for other programs not affilated with our department.
  2. Reading course form:  A reading course is an independent study that is supervised by a faculty member.  The topic must be outside the undergraduate offerings and is not eligible for CR/NCR option. Minimum GPA of 3.5 in math courses, as well permissions from the prospective supervisor and Associate Chair, Undergraduate are also required
  3. Program Requirements Waiver form:  Do you wish to take another course in place of a course required for program requirements?  If you are a math student in the Faculty of Arts and Science, there is chance that it may be approved.  The form are only availbe to Department of Mathematics Subject Posts only.  This waiver only applies to requirements for the mathematics program.  It does not apply for degree requirements.
  4. Course Change Request form:  At the start of the semester, you are allowed to change from an eligible course with a higher level of difficulty to another eligible course with a lower level of difficulty, within the given timelines.  Please visit: for the list of course pairs that have change dates.  Please be mindful of the deadlines listed.
  5. Request for Graduate Courses: Undergraduate students in the Department of Mathematics may be granted permission to take a graduate course sponsored by an Arts & Science graduate unit as part of the student’s undergraduate degree.
  6. Late Request Form:  Undergraduate students may request to register in a course late.

All forms can be filled out and submitted by email to or in-person in the main office of the Department of Mathematics in BA 6290.