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Graduate Students

@ Name Office Telephone Study Fields
email Abdul Ghani, Hira
email Adkins, Christopher
email Al-Faisal, Faisal BA6135 416-978-4794
email Amelotte, Steven SS622 416-978-2967
email Angelopoulos, Ioannis BA6135 416-978-4794
email Balehowsky, Tracey BA6191 416-978-2095
email Bazett, Trefor
email Bell, Jordan HU1026 416-978-3646
email Berk, Aaron
email Bischoff, Francis
email Bourgeois, Genevieve
email Briggs, Benjamin HU936 416-978-7510
email Brodsky, Ari SS622 416-978-2967
email Burko, Robert HU1012 416-946-3911
email Calderon Garcia, Eduardo HU936 416-978-7510
email Cao, Danny
email Caviedes, Alex HU936 416-978-7510
email Chambers, Gregory HU1026 416-946-3646
email Chen, Li
email Cher, Yuri HU936 416-978-7510
email Chouchkov, Dmitri
email Chow, Aaron HU1012 416-946-3911
email Chterental, Oleg SS622 416-978-2967
email Colinet, Andrew
email Crooks, Peter HU1029 416-946-3727
email Dahl, Alexander SS622 416-978-2967
email Dixit, Anup SS622 416-978-2967
email Donnelly, Ryan BA7256 416-946-5808
email Dranovski, Anne
email Eagle, Christopher BA6135 416-978-4794
email Enns, John
email Ens, Travis SS622 416-978-2967
email Esentepe, Ozgur
email Eskandari, Payman Ganita Lab-HU1012 416-946-3911
email Feizmohammadi, Ali BA6135 416-978-4794
email Feng, Zi Sheng Jackson BA6191 416-978-2095
email Fisher, Jonathan BA6135 416-978-4794
email Fournodavlos, Grigorios
email Fusca, Daniel HU1027 416-946-4008
email Gelinas, Vincent SS622 416-978-2967
email George, William Ganita Lab-HU1012 416-946-3911
email Glynn-Adey, Parker HU1026 416-978-7510
email Goulart Nascimento, Victor HU936 416-978-7510
email Gu, Fang Viky SS622 416-978-2967
email Gudim, Mikhail SS622 416-978-2967
email Halacheva, Iva HU1026 416-978-3646
email Hannigan-Daley, Bradley HU1028 416-946-3741
email Hanson, Brandon HU1029 416-946-3727
email Hart, Eric BA6135 416-978-4794
email Hay, Daniel SS622 416-978-2967
email Hernandez, Julio BA7256 416-946-5808
email Holden, Tyler HU1028 416-946-3741
email Im, Jeffrey
email Iorgulescu, Ana
email Janisse, Thaddeus SS622 416-978-2967
email Ji, Jia BA6135 416-978-4794
email Jung, Andrew Juno
email Kadets, Liudmyla HU1026 416-978-7510
email Khatchatourian, Ivan HU1027 416-946-4008
email Klambauer, Maximilian
email Klys, Jack Ganita Lab-HU1012 416-946-3911
email Korneychuk, Arthur
email Kotowski, Marcin HU936 416-978-7510
email Kotowski, Michal HU936 416-978-7510
email Lane, Jeremy HU1026 416-978-3646
email Lareau-Dussault, Rosemonde BA6191 416-978-2095
email Liokumovich, Yevgeny HU1028 416-946-3741
email Lishak, Boris SS622 416-978-2967
email Liu, Chia-Cheng HU936 416-978-7510
email Livinskyi, Ivan HU936 416-978-7510
email Loizides, Yiannis HU1027 416-946-4008
email Lopez, Fulgencio HU936 416-978-7510
email Luk, Kevin Ka Hang HU1028 416-946-3741
email Luo, Cui Cui Amanda BA7256 416-946-5808
email Lutley, James FI436 416-348-9710 x 4036
email Mangerel, Alexander
email Martel, Justin SS622 416-978-2967
email Matviichuk, Mykola HU936 416-978-7510
email McGarva, James HU936 416-978-7510
email McKeown, Jesse SS622 416-978-2967
email Menezes, Allan
email Miao, Xin
email Moledina, Shabbir
email Monin, Leonid SS622 416-978-2967
email Moraglia, Chiara
email Morgan, Stephen HU1028 416-946-3741
email Mousavidehshikh, Ali BA6191 416-978-2095
email Mracek, James HU1027 416-946-4008
email Munoz, Martin
email Navarro Lameda, Beatriz HU936 416-978-7510
email Nikolaev, Nikita BA6191 416-978-2095
email Palasciano, Mario SS622 416-978-2967
email Parsch, Fabian SS622 416-978-2967
email Patil, Gaurav
email Pavlov, Alexander HU936 416-978-7510
email Pawliuk, Micheal HU1027 416-946-4008
email Peng, Zhifeng HU936 416-978-7510
email Philip, Eliza
email Rahman, Mustazee HU1029 416-946-3727
email Reiss, David BA6191 416-978-2095
email Richards, Larissa
email Rifkind, Benjamin HU1026 416-978-3646
email Robinson, Patrick HU1027 416-946-4008
email Rowe, Daniel HU1027 416-946-4008
email Salgado, Ivan Camilo SS622 416-978-2967
email Schachter, Benjamin HU1029 416-946-3727
email Sinnamon, Craig HU1029 416-946-3727
email Smith, Jerrod BA6191 416-978-2095
email Soukup, Daniel HU1028 416-946-3741
email Sourisseau, Matthew
email Stewart, Andrew HU1029 416-946-3727
email Thibault, Louis-Philippe HU1026 416-978-3646
email Thompson, Kyle BA6191 416-978-2095
email Tsang, Charles HU936 416-978-7510
email Van Zelm, Jason HU936 416-978-7510
email Vaughan, Jennifer BA6191 416-978-2095
email Vena, Lluis HU1029 416-946-3727
email Vo, Huan SS622 416-978-2967
email Voltz, Jeremy BA6135 416-978-4794
email Weekes, Alex BA6135 416-978-4794
email Wilson, Tyler
email Wu, Nan HU1026 416-978-3646
email Xiao, Ming SS622 416-978-2967
email Xu, Bin BA6135 416-978-4794
email Yang, Jonguk
email Zaman, Asif BA6135 416-978-4794
email Zhang, Lucy BA6135 416-978-4794
email Zhang, Shuangjian
email Zheng, Yuanyuan SS622 416-978-2967
email Zhu, Ren HU936 416-978-7510
email Zhu, Zhifei HU936 416-978-7510
email Zietara, Mark
email Zung, Jonathan

Math Specialists

Name Office Telephone E-mail address

Building key names

Abbreviation Meaning
BA Bahen Centre
CHEM Cross Appointed with Chemistry
CSC Cross Appointed with Computer Science
UTM University of Toronto at Mississauga
ECO Cross Appointed with Economics
ES Earth Sciences Centre
FI Fields Institute
GB Galbraith
HU 215 Huron
MA Medical Arts Building
MP McLennan Physical Labs
NC New College
PHY Cross Appointed with Physics
PT Part time (student)
UTSC University of Toronto at Scarborough
SF Sandford Fleming
SP 1 Spadina
SS Sidney Smith
STA Cross Appointed with Statistics
UC University College
WH Whitney Hall
WW Woodsworth College