Name Position Telephone Research Fields
Akcoglu, Mustafa Professor Emeritus 416-978-3462 Ergodic theory, functional analysis, harmonic analysis
Alaee Khangha, Aghil Sessional Lecturer 416-946-5442
Alexakis, Spyros Professor 416-946-0323 Geometric analysis, general relativity
An, Xinliang Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-0318 PDE and general relativity
Aretakis, Stefanos Assistant Professor 416-946-0001
Arthur, James University Professor 416-978-4524 Representations of Lie groups, automorphic forms
Barbeau, Edward Professor Emeritus 416-978-3462 Functional analysis, optimization under constraint, history of analysis, number theory
Bar-Natan, Dror Professor 416-946-5438 Quantum algebra and topology
Bermanis, Amit Postdoctoral Fellow 416-946-3769 Big data, data mining
Bierstone, Edward Professor 416-978-4347 Singularity theory, analytic geometry, differential analysis
Binder, Ilia Professor 416-978-1705 Geometric function theory, complex dynamics
Bland, John Professor 416-978-3645 Several complex variables, differential geometry
Bloom, Thomas Professor Emeritus 416-946-5440 Several complex variables
Braverman, Alexander Professor 416-978-3472 Representation Theory
Buchweitz, Ragnar Professor 416-978-3953 Commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, singularities
Burbulla, Dietrich Associate Professor, Teaching Stream 416-946-3165
Burchard, Almut Professor 416-978-3318 Analysis
Carlson, Jeffrey Postdoctoral Fellow UTM 416-978-6811 Algebraic Topology
Choi, Man-Duen Professor Emeritus 416-978-3462 Operator theory, operator algebras, matrix theory
Cook, Stephen University Professor Emeritus 416-978-5183 Computational complexity
Davis, Chandler Professor Emeritus 416-978-7164 Operators on Hilbert spaces, matrix theory and applications (including numerical analysis)
de Simoi, Jacopo Assistant Professor 416-978-3093
de Thanhoffer de Volcsey, Louis Postdoctoral Fellow UTSC 416-978-6811 Noncommutative algebraic geometry
Derzko, Nicholas Associate Professor Emeritus 416-946-5440 Functional analysis, structure of differential operators, optimization and control theory with applications to economics
Dudko, Artem Postdoctoral Fellow UTM 416-978-6811 Dynamics and representation theory
Ellers, Eric Professor Emeritus 416-978-3462 Classical groups
Elliott, George Professor 416-978-4804 Operator algebras, K-theory, non-commutative geometry.
Eskandari, Payman Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-5478 Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Faifman, Dmitry Coxeter Assistant Professor 416-946-0342 Convex Geometry
Fenyes, Aaron Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-0318 Geometric structures and translation surfaces
Feuerverger, Andrey Professor 416-978-4459 Statistical theory; mathematical statistics; nonparametrics & asymptotics
Fortier Bourque, Maxime Coxeter Assistant Professor 416-978-0693 Teichmüller theory
Fraser, Donald A. S. Professor Emeritus 416-978-3452 Statistical inference, likelihood asymptotics, Bayesian-frequentist disconnect: Why Bayes didn't get it right for vector parameters
Friedlander, John University Professor 416-978-4208 Analytic number theory
Galvao-Sousa, Bernardo Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream 416-978-4328
Gamse, Elisheva Adina Postdoctoral Fellow UTM 416-978-4156 Symplectic geometry
Garcia Fritz, Natalia Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-4156
Goldstein, Michael Professor 416-978-3467 Spectral theory of Schrödinger operators and localization
Gracia-Saz, Alfonso Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream 416-946-3206
Graham, Ian Professor Emeritus 416-978-3462 Several complex variables, one complex variable
Gualtieri, Marco Professor 416-946-5439 Differential geometry and mathematical physics
Halperin, Steve Professor Emeritus Homotopy theory and loop space homology
Haque, Wahidul Professor Emeritus Microeconomic theory
Haslhofer, Robert Assistant Professor 416-978-4632 Geometric analysis
Herzig, Florian Associate Professor 416-946-3902 Number Theory
Hoell, Nicholas Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream 416-978-6805
Homayouni, Soheil Lecturer 416-978-4793
Hurth, Tobias Postdoctoral Fellow UTM 416-978-6811 Random dynamical systems
Igelfeld, Abe Associate Professor, Teaching Stream 416-978-4447
Ivrii, Victor Professor 416-978-4031 Analysis, microlocal analysis, spectral theory, partial differential equations
Izosimov, Anton Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-5214 Integrable systems, geometry, Lie theory
Jacelon, Bhishan Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-6636 Operator Algebras
Jagannath, Aukosh Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-5001 Probability
Jeffrey, Lisa Professor 416-978-5142 Symplectic geometry, geometric applications of quantum field theory
Jerrard, Robert Professor 416-946-5437 Nonlinear partial differential equations, calculus of variations
Jung, Nara Lecturer 416-946-3901
Jurdjevic, Velimir Professor Emeritus Systems of ordinary differential equations, control theory, global analysis
Kamnitzer, Joel Professor, Associate Chair (Research) 416-978-5163 Geometric and combinatorial representation theory
Kapovitch, Vitali Associate Professor 416-978-6786 Global Riemannian geometry
Karshon, Yael Professor 416-978-7895 Symplectic geometry
Keast, Ryan Fields-Ontario Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-5478 Hodge Theory
Khanin, Konstantin Professor 416-946-0321 Probability theory, ergodic theory, statistical mechanics
Khesin, Boris Professor 416-978-8470 Poisson geometry, integrable systems, topological hydrodynamics
Khovanskii, Askold Professor 416-978-4868 Algebra, geometry, theory of singularities
Kim, Henry Professor 416-978-4443 Automorphic L-functions, Langlands' program
Kolpakov, Aleksandr Postdoctoral Fellow 416-946-0318 Discrete Geometry
Korman, Jonathan Sessional Lecturer
Koziol, Karol Postdoctoal Fellow 416-978-3484 Representation and number theory
Kudla, Stephen Professor 416-978-3415 Automorphic forms, arithmetic geometry and theta functions
Kupka, Ivan Professor Emeritus
Lam, Anthony Associate Professor, Teaching Stream 416-978-3952
Laptyeva, Nataliya Sessional Lecturer
Le, Daniel Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-3484 Algebraic Number Theory
LeBlanc, Emile Lecturer
Lefebvre, Jeremie Assistant Professor Computational neuroscience, non-linear dynamics
Leung, Kin Kwan Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-5099 Differential Geometry, Complex Geometry
Lin, Chen-Yun Postdoctoral Fellow 416-946-3769 Massive data analysis
Lipnowski, Michael Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-6636 Number Theory
Lorimer, Michael Professor Emeritus 416-978-8111 Rings and geometries, topological Klingenberg planes, topological chain rings
Manin, Fedor Postdoctoral Fellow 416-946-5442 Quantitative geometry and topology
Maor, Cy Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-6636 Riemannian geometry, calculus of variations
Matetski, Konstantin Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-5001 Stochastic PDEs
Mazzeo, Elio Sessional Lecturer 416-978-6805
McCann, Robert Professor 416-978-4658 Mathematical physics, mathematical economics, inequalities, optimization, partial differential equations
McCool, James Professor Emeritus Infinite group theory
Meinrenken, Eckhard Professor 416-946-3569 Symplectic geometry, mathematical physics, Lie theory
Mendelsohn, Eric Professor Emeritus 416-978-3462 Block designs, combinatorial structures
Milman, Pierre Professor 416-978-4778 Singularity theory, analytic geometry, differential analysis
Mouquin, Victor Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-5214 Symplectic and poisson geometry
Murasugi, Kunio Professor Emeritus 416-978-3462 Knot theory
Murnaghan, Fiona Professor 416-978-8208 Harmonic analysis and representations of p-adic groups
Murty, Kumar Professor, Chair 416-978-3320 Number theory
Nabutovsky, Alex Professor 416-978-3321 Geometric calculus of variations, quantitative aspects of topology of manifolds
Nachman, Adrian Professor 416-946-7973 Inverse problems, partial differential equations, medical imaging
Nica, Mihai Probability and stochastic processes
Niksirat, Mohammad Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream 416-978-6742
Ojeda Aristizabal, Diana Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-4436 Ramsey theory, geometry of Banach spaces
Panchenko, Dmitriy Professor 416-978-5165 Applied Probability
Peng, Yinhe Postdoctoral Fellow 416-946-5442 Set theory, applications in topology
Peet, Amanda Professor 416-978-3911 String theory and quantum black hole physics
Pitassi, Toniann Professor 416-978-3695 Complexity theory, proof complexity, lower bounds, feasible combinatorics, and probabilistic reasoning
Pugh, Mary Associate Professor, Associate Chair (Undergraduate) 416-978-5233 Scientific computing, nonlinear PDEs, fluid dynamics, computational neuroscience
Qing, Yulan Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-4436 Geometric group theory, CAT(0) spaces
Quastel, Jeremy Professor 416-946-7193 Probability, stochastic processes, partial differential equations
Rafi, Kasra Associate Professor (ON LEAVE) 416-978-4952 Geometry and dynamical properties of Teichmuller space.
Randecker, Anja Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-6636 Geometry and Infinite Translation Surfaces
Recio, Felix Senior Lecturer Emeritus 416-978-2438
Repka, Joe Professor 416-978-4692 Group representations, automorphic forms
Rosenthal, Jeffrey Professor 416-978-4594 Probability
Rosenthal, Peter Professor Emeritus 416-978-3462 Operators on Hilbert spaces
Rossman, Benjamin Assistant Professor 416-978-5057 Computational complexity
Rotman, Regina Professor, Associate Chair (Graduate) 416-946-3268 Riemannian geometry
Sarquis Aiex, Nicolau Postdoctoral Fellow 416-946-5442 Geometric Analysis
Sasaki, Shinji Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-0318 WKB analysis
Scherk, John Associate Professor (ON LEAVE) 416-978-5212 Algebraic geometry
Schober, Bernd Fields-Ontario Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-5214 Algebraic geometry - resolution of singularities
Scott, Geoffrey Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-5099 Symplectic poisson geometry
Seco, Luis Professor 416-978-3984 Harmonic analysis, mathematical physics, mathematical finance
Selick, Paul Professor Emeritus 416-978-4584 Algebraic topology, representation theory of the symmetric group
Sen, Dipak Professor Emeritus 416-978-3462 Relativity and gravitation, mathematical physics
Shankar, Arul Assistant Professor 416-978-5065 Number theory, arithmetic statistics
Shapiro, Alexander Arts and Science Postodoctoral Fellow 416-978-3484 Representation theory, quantum groups
Sharpe, Rick Professor Emeritus Differential geometry, topology of manifolds
Shorser, Lindsey Sessional Lecturer 416-978-3361
Sigal, Israel Michael University Professor 416-978-3998 Mathematical physics
Smith, Stuart Professor Emeritus Fluid mechanics, particularly boundary layer theory
Sulem, Catherine Professor 416-978-4378 Partial differential equations, nonlinear analysis, numerical computations in fluid dynamics
Tall, Frank Professor Emeritus 416-978-3462 Set theory and its applications, set-theoretic topology
Tanny, Steve Associate Professor 416-978-3324 Combinatorics, mathematical modelling in the social sciences
Tate, Jill Lecturer 416-978-3361
Tiozzo, Giulio Assistant Professor 416-978-8870 Dynamical Systems and ergodic theory
Todorcevic, Stevo Professor 416-946-0322 Set theory and combinatorics
Tsimerman, Jacob Associate Professor 416-946-5441 Number theory, Arithmetic geometry
Uppal, Sean Lecturer
van der Leer Duran, Joey Postdoctoral Fellow 416-978-0318 Generalized Complex Geometry
Virág, Bálint Professor 416-946-0320 Probability
Weiss, William Professor 416-978-4150 Set theory, set-theoretic topology
Wilson, Tyler Sessional Lecturer
Wu, Hau-tieng Assistant Professor 416-978-4174 Data analysis, big datasets and their medical applications
Yampolsky, Michael Professor 416-978-4637 Dynamical systems
Zhang, Ke Assistant Professor 416-978-5162 Dynamical systems: Hamiltonian dynamics, weak KAM theory, Arnold diffusion, smooth dynamics
Zong, Ying Research Associate 416-978-5478 Number Theory

Cross-appointed with Staff:

Name Position Telephone
LeBlanc, Emile Computer Systems Manager

Building key names

Abbreviation Meaning
BA Bahen Centre
CSC Cross Appointed with Computer Science
UTM University of Toronto at Mississauga
FI Fields Institute
GB Galbraith
HU 215 Huron
NC New College
PG PG - 45 St. George St.
UTSC University of Toronto at Scarborough
SF Sandford Fleming
STA Cross Appointed with Statistics
UC University College