Blyth Lecture Series

The R.A. Blyth Lectures are an annual distinguished lecture series in Mathematics and Mathematical Science, established by the Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first Professorship in Mathematics at the University. It consists of three lectures by a distinguished mathematician: the first for a general scientific audience, the second for a general mathematical audience, and the third for specialists in the field.

Current Blyth Lecture

  • 25th Lecture - November 2022: Mark Braverman, Princeton, Communication, Information, and Geometry

Previous Blyth Lectures

  • 24th Lecture - March 2019: Camillo De Lellis, Institute for Advanced Study, Rigidity and Flexibility in Differential Geometry and Fluid Dynamics
  • 23rd Lecture - March 2018: Larry Guth, MIT, Introduction to Decoupling
  • 22nd Lecture - January 2017: Curtis T. McMullen, Harvard University, A Skeptical History of Numbers
  • 21st Lecture - March 2016: Assaf Naor, Princeton University, The Ribe program. Discretization. Metric X_p inequalities
  • 20th Lecture - March 2015: David Donoho, Stanford University, What's the Big Deal about ``Big Data"? Emergent Phenomena in High-Dimensional Data Analysis
  • 19th Lecture - March 2014: Yair Minsky, Yale University, Complexity in Surfaces and 3-Manifolds
  • 18th Lecture - March 2013: Yakov Eliashberg, Stanford University: From Stein to Weinstein and back: an interplay between complex and symplectic geometries
  • 17th Lecture - October 2011: Daniel Spielman, Yale University, Laplacian Matrices of Graphs Applications, Computations, and Approximations
  • 16th Lecture - March 2011: Arthur Avila, CNRS, IMPA and Fields Institute Distinguished Visitor: Lyapunov exponents, KAM, and the spectral dichotomy for one-frequency Schrödinger operators
  • 15th Lecture - March 2010: Jacob Lurie, Harvard University: Categorifications in Mathematics
  • 14th Lecture - April 2009: Scott Sheffield, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Quantum Gravity and Randomized Space-Time Geometry
  • 13th Lecture - September 2007: Manjul Bhargava, Princeton University: Sums of Squares, and Generalizations
  • 12th Lecture - March 2006: Andrei Okounkov, Princeton University: Limit Shapes, Real and Imagined
  • 11th Lecture - October 2004: Yuri Manin, Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics, Bonn and Northwestern University: Quantum Computing Project
  • 10th Lecture - March 2003: Juergen Jost, Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig and the Santa Fe Institute for the Sciences of Convexity: Three Lectures on Optimal Shapes and Structures
  • 9th Lecture - March 2002: Dmitry Fuchs, University of California at Davis: Three Lectures on Geometry and Algebra
  • 8th Lecture - March 2000: Grigory Margulis, Yale University: Ergodic Theory, Lie Groups and Number Theory
  • 7th Lecture - March 1999: V. Guillemin, MIT: Equivariant deRham Theory and Graphs
  • 6th Lecture - September 1997: J. Sjöstrand, Ecole Polytechnique: Microlocal Methods in Partial Differential Equations
  • 5th Lecture - March 1997: J. Cheeger, Courant Institute, NYU: The Small Scale Structure of Spaces of Bounded Curvature
  • 4th Lecture - March 1996: B. Konstant, MIT: Recent Developments in Lie Group Theory and Geometry
  • 3rd Lecture - March 1995: Efim Zelmanov, Yale University: The Burside Problem and Profinite Groups
  • 2nd Lecture -   April 1994: Charles Fefferman, Princeton University: Quantum Mechanics and the States of Matter
  • 1st Lecture - March 1993: Peter Sarnak, Princeton University: Arithmetic Quantum Chaos