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Computing Help Contact Information for the Department of Mathematics

If you have computer system related questions/comments (for example, "Could you please install maple on coxeter?") then you should send email to

Questions concerning the departmental web server should be sent to

If the problem is truly urgent (for example, smoke is coming out of the printer or a directory has become so full that you cannot receive email) then you should call Marco De la Cruz-Heredia (BA6290C) at 416 978-7893. If he is not available, leave a message and then try Emile LeBlanc at 416 978-3950.  Finally, send an email to describing the problem. (Recall, there are public machines in BA6200 if there is a hardware problem with your particular machine).

If you have a general computing question you can send email to which is read by volunteers in the department. Please make the subject line of your email quite clear and concise. For example, "linux question about mozilla" or "problem with sparse matrices and matlab". Also it is very helpful if your email includes as much relevant (which can be difficult to judge) information about your system as possible. Please describe which operating system you are using (e.g. WindowsXP, Red Hat Linux 9.0, MacOS X), the version numbers of any programs involved in the problem, the hardware you are using if that seems to be important, etc. In particular LaTeX questions should indicate the "documentclass" line used and having the whole preamble would be even better. This will be very helpful to our selfless volunteers (some of whom may ignore email that does not have a sufficiently descriptive subject line).

The current list of consult volunteers is:

WhoSome Areas of Computer Knowledge
Victor Ivrii MacOS X, Unix, LaTeX and (minor) PHP
Mary Pugh LaTeX, Matlab, Maple and Fortran
Paul Selick TeX, Mathematica, Axiom and MacOS
Marco De la Cruz-Heredia Systems
Emile LeBlanc Systems and emacs

Note: Do not write to them individually --- you never know who's in town. If you would like to be on the consult mailing list, please let us know. We welcome your help!