Algebra and Geometry Seminar

The seminar is devoted to classical and modern questions of algebra and geometry. Most talks are two-hour informal talks. Comments and discussions are highly encouraged.


Folding polynomials and cutting cakes

by Yuri Burda  (www) | University of Toronto
Time: 15:00  (Thursday, Jun. 28, 2012)
Location: BA6183, Bahen Center, 40 St George St
Which polynomials have the most exceptional arithmetical and dynamical properties? I will discuss one possible answer to this vague question. A complex polynomial of degree n is (almost everywhere) an n-to-1 map. If such a polynomial is defined over the integers, one can reduce it modulo any prime. Usually the resulting map from Z/pZ to itself won’t be 1-to-1. Thus a polynomial that defines invertible mappings modulo infinitely many primes has very exceptional arithmetical properties. I will discuss a way to classify all such polynomials, which uses beautiful result of Weil relating geometrical and arithmetical properties of a planar curve. It turns out that all polynomials with the exceptional arithmetical property above have (by coincidence?) exceptionally simple (integrable) dynamics. I will then discuss multidimensional analogues of these polynomials (called folding polynomials) that have equally remarkable arithmetical and dynamical properties. To make the story easier to digest, a homemade cake will be provided to everyone attending.

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