Department of Mathematics

Dietrich Burbulla

Office: GB 149
Hours: Winter 2015: MWTRF 12:10-2:00 PM

Phone: (416)-946-3165

Diagonistic Tests: Here are four short diagnostic tests, covering specific topics: Basic Algebra, Functions, Trigonometry, Logs and Exponentials, Try them all!

Here are the solutions to the above tests: Basic Algebra Sols, Functions Sols, Trigonometry Sols, Logs and Exponentials Sols.

General Advice: Here is some general advice for first year math students, concerning homework, math help and tests.

Detailed solutions to tests and exams in MAT186H, MAT187H and MAT188H from September 2007 and onwards can be found here

Here is some information for the courses I am teaching in the second term:

MAT188H1 Linear Algebra

PMU199H1S The Universe in Zero Words