Analytic number theory, L-functions, elliptic curves, modular forms, automorphic forms, algebraic number theory.


(in reverse chronological order)

  1. [arXiv] B. Hanson, A. Zaman. The density of numbers represented by diagonal forms of large degree. submitted, 2017.
  2. [arXiv] A. Zaman. The least unramified prime which does not split completely. submitted, 2017.

Note the published article may differ slightly from the arXiv version.

(in reverse chronological order)

  1. [arXiv] [DOI] J. Thorner, A. Zaman. A Chebotarev variant of the Brun-Titchmarsh theorem and bounds for the Lang-Trotter conjectures. Int. Math. Res. Not., published online, 2017.
  2. [arXiv] J. Thorner, A. Zaman. An explicit bound for the least prime ideal in the Chebotarev density theorem. Algebra &  Number Theory, to appear, 2017.
  3. [arXiv] [DOI] A. Zaman, Bounding the least prime ideal in the Chebotarev Density Theorem. Funct. Approx. Comment. Math., published online, 2017.
  4. [arXiv] [DOI] A. Zaman. On the least prime ideal and Siegel zeros. Int. J. Number Theory, 12(8):2201-2229, 2016.
  5. [arXiv] [DOI] A. Zaman. Explicit estimates for the zeros of Hecke L-functions. J. Number Theory, 162:312-375, 2016.

[pdf] A. Zaman, Analytic estimates for the Chebotarev Density Theorem and their applications. PhD thesis. 2017.

Upcoming Travel
  1. Recent developments in Analytic Number Theory
    MSRI, Berkeley CA, May 1-5 2017

Invited Talks

(in reverse chronological order)

  1. Waterloo Number Theory seminar
    University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON, Jan 19 2017
  2. Joint Mathematics Meeting, Analytic number theory and arithmetic
    Atlanta GA, Jan 4-7 2017
  3. Canadian Mathematical Society Winter 2016 Meeting, Analytic Number Theory
    Niagara Falls ON, Dec 2-5 2016
  4. Stanford Number Theory seminar
    Stanford University, Palo Alto CA, Oct 24 2016
  5. 14th Meeting of the Canadian Number Theory Association
    University of Calgary, Calgary AB, Jun 20-24 2016
  6. Number Theory & Combinatorics Seminar
    University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB, Apr 11 2016
  7. York Number Theory Seminar
    York University, Toronto ON, Jan 18 2016
  8. Student Number Theory Seminar
    University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON, Jul 22 2015
Contributed Talks

(in reverse chronological order)

  1. Canadian Mathematical Society Winter 2015 Meeting, Analytic Number Theory
    Montreal QC, Dec 4-7, 2015
  2. Elementary, analytic, and algorithmic number theory: in honor of Carl Pomerance’s 70th birthday
    University of Georgia, Athens GA, Jun 8-11 2015
  3. Canadian Mathematical Society Winter 2012 Meeting, Number Theory Satellite Session
    Montreal QC, Dec 7-10 2012
  4. Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference 2009
    Carleton University, Ottawa ON, Jul 8-11 2009
Other Things
  • [pdf] Escape of Mass on Hilbert Modular Varieties
    Slides from a talk on my thesis work in April 2012 at the PIMS/SFU/UBC Number Theory Seminar.
  • [pdf] Peter-Weyl Theorem
    An essay on the proof of the Peter-Weyl Theorem for compact groups based primarily on Bump’s excellent text Lie Groups.
  • [pdf] Siegel’s Theorem
    An example of Siegel’s Theorem from a talk I gave at a student seminar on integral quadratic forms.
  • [pdf] Hoffman-Singleton Graph
    A project on Hoffman and Singleton’s paper on Moore graphs of diameter 2 and 3.