Selected pictures of the week from the first half of 2017

orange mycena growing from a tree
Orange mycena.
Gatineau Park, Quebec

cornflowers in front of a grainfield and clouds in the background
Cornflowers in front of a grainfield.
Horb, Germany

sand, staircase, grass, and dark clouds in the background
Entrance to the beach.
Finistère, France

flower and buds of Melaleuca citrina
Red bottlebrush flower and buds.
Roscoff, France

green fireworks over the lake and beach
Victoria Day fireworks over Lake Ontario.
Toronto, Ontario

reflections of clouds in shallow water
Reflections in the flooded area of Woodbine Beach.
Toronto, Ontario

statue with Nike in his hand towards the sun
Nike in the hand of Belle Kinney's 'Youth' statue.
Nashville, Tennessee

green door and green Window on a grey wall
Gristmill Lane at the Distillery Historic District.
Toronto, Ontario

black and white picture of some cherry flowers on the trunk
Cherry blossom at High Park.
Toronto, Ontario

macro picture of mangolia blossom
Flower of a magnolia tree.
Toronto, Ontario

sparrow on a metal bar
Looking out for spring.
Toronto, Ontario

sculpture at the Art Gallery of Ontario
Inside the Art Gallery of Ontario.
Toronto, Ontario

sun behind branches of a tree
Start in a snowy day.
Toronto, Ontario

several rings of lights in different colours
Light installation at the Distillery Historic District.
Toronto, Ontario

branches of a tree with large decoration balls and a hand holding a glass sphere
Glass sphere of an artist at the Bloor-Yorkville Icefest.
Toronto, Ontario

cherry flower and buds in the dark
Early cherry flowers.
Cassis, France

tree in front of clouds
Sunset atmosphere at CIRM.
Marseille, France

lights reflecting in the Neckar at night
The Neckar at night.
Heidelberg, Germany

glass art in brown and yellow
Reflection of glass art by Chihuly in the Royal Ontario Museum.
Toronto, Ontario

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