Winter 2015 Master Class on Elliptic Algebras and Poisson Structures

February 19–20 and 26–27, 2015 The Fields Institute, University of Toronto
Alexander Odesskii
Brock University
I will survey the theory of associative ℤ≥ 0-graded algebras presented by n generators and n(n-1)/2 quadratic relations and satisfying the so-called Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt condition (PBW-algebras). We will consider examples of such algebras depending on two continuous parameters (namely, on an elliptic curve and a point on this curve) which are flat deformations of the polynomial ring in n variables. We will discuss geometry of the corresponding Poisson structures. Diverse properties of these algebras and Poisson structures will be described, together with their relations to integrable systems, deformation quantization, moduli spaces and other directions of modern investigations.


Thu, Feb 19 Fri, Feb 20 Thu, Feb 26 Fri, Feb 27
11am-1pm 3-5pm 11am-1pm 3-5pm

Recording of all of the lectures of the Master Class will be available on the FieldsLive Video Archive.


All lectures will be held in room 210 of the Fields Institute.

Other information

In the spirit of the Geometric Structures Laboratory we encourage the audience to ask questions and to engage in a meaningful dialogue with the speaker.

While the Master Class is designed especially for graduate students and other young researchers who wish to have greater exposure to the Poisson structures arising from elliptic algebras, senior researchers will also benefit from the lectures. All are welcome to attend.

This Master Class is organized by Victor Mouquin and Alberto Garcia-Raboso. Should you have any question, please contact them.

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